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Understanding How Moon Cycles Affect Women

In the realm of nature's wonders, the moon holds a mystical allure for many cultures around the world. My son would say it's a bit 'witchy'! as the Moon is quite often depicted with a witch flying past on a broom. But you wouldn't be far wrong either as witches as they came to be known, were mostly just intuitive women who used natural remedies for healing. They also understood as women how the moon influenced our bodies and our cycles. As did the ancient Muslims whose entire calendar is based on the moon phases with each new moon depicting the start of the new Islamic month.

Some Muslims are known to fast the 3 'white days' of each month , which refers to the 3 days of the full moon phase when the moon is the whitest or brightest. They see many spiritual blessings in doing this as science has proven we are most affected by the moon when it is in it full moon phase. Not surprising as we know the moon influences the sea and we are over 70% water. It is quite fascinating how these ancient practices are now being proven by modern science as having strong foundations in what they always claimed and others ignored as 'old wives tales'.

The moons ethereal presence and celestial dance have captivated humans for centuries. But did you know that the moon's cycles can also impact the lives of women, particularly when it comes to fertility and overall well-being? In this article, we will explore the fascinating connection between moon cycles and women, shedding light on the profound influence they can have on our bodies and lives.

The Synchronicity of Cycles: Just as the moon journeys through its various phases, so too do women experience monthly cycles. These two rhythms intertwine, creating a profound connection between the lunar and menstrual cycles. Many ancient cultures also recognized this connection, referring to menstruation as "moon time" or "moon cycles." While modern lifestyles may have distanced us from this innate connection, exploring the impact of moon cycles on women can empower us to reconnect with our natural rhythms.

Tuning into the Lunar Phases: The moon undergoes four primary phases: new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon. Each phase holds its unique energy and symbolism, affecting women in different ways. Let's delve into these phases and their potential influence on women:

  1. New Moon: The new moon represents a fresh start and new beginnings. It is an opportune time for self-reflection, setting intentions, and manifesting desires. Women may find this phase supportive for planning and preparing for the next menstrual cycle, setting intentions around fertility goals, and nurturing self-care practices.

  2. Waxing Moon: As the moon begins to wax and grow in brightness, so does its energy. This phase is associated with expansion, growth, and creativity. Women may experience an increase in energy and find it easier to conceive during this phase. It is an excellent time for embracing fertility-focused practices, nourishing the body, and engaging in activities that foster growth and inspiration.

  3. Full Moon: The full moon represents abundance, illumination, and heightened emotions. It is often associated with ovulation and heightened fertility. Women may feel a surge of energy during this time, and emotions may run high. It is an ideal moment for embracing sensuality, connecting with one's partner, and celebrating the potential for new life.

  4. Waning Moon: As the moon wanes, its energy encourages release, letting go, and introspection. This phase provides an opportunity for rest, reflection, and nourishing the body. Women may find it beneficial to focus on self-care, practicing mindfulness, and replenishing their energy reserves during this phase.

Harmonizing with Moon Cycles: To harness the power of moon cycles, women can adopt various practices to harmonize their own rhythms as each moon phase lasts about 7.4 days:

  1. Lunar Journaling: Maintaining a moon journal can help women track their own cycles and observe any patterns or correlations with the lunar phases.

  2. Moon Rituals: Engaging in moon rituals such as meditation, intention setting, or creating sacred space, can help women connect with the moon's energy and align their intentions with their fertility goals.

  3. Mindful Self-Care: Nurturing oneself through self-care practices, like gentle yoga, meditation, or herbal remedies, during specific lunar phases can support women's overall well-being and fertility journey.

  4. Seeking Support: Certified practitioners, such as reflexologists and mizan practitioners, can provide specialized guidance and therapeutic techniques to support women's fertility health and address any specific concerns.

It is important to understand that fertility is not just about producing a baby, it's about giving birth to new ideas, creativity or a new path in life.

As women, our bodies are intricately connected to the rhythms of nature. Understanding and embracing the influence of moon cycles can deepen our connection to our own fertility and well-being. By tuning into the lunar phases and adopting practices that align with these cycles, we can harmonize our energy, enhance our fertility health, and embrace the inherent wisdom of our bodies. Let us honor this timeless connection between women and the moon, and embark on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery.

I welcome any questions you may have on this article and wish you happy moon cycling!!

Peace and blessings,


DivineFlo Therapies

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