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Palliative Reflexology

"Let's live while we're alive. Let's love while we're alive.  Let's live and not just survive".  (Sadman Sakib)

The gentle therapeutic touch that Reflexology offers can offer someone at the end of life or at the beginning of a diagnosis, calming reassurance, relaxation and relief from anxiety and worry of what the future may bring.  It is, therefore, not surprising that the leading cancer charities endorse Reflexology, along with other complementary therapies to their patients and their families. 


Some clients have reported relief from the symptoms of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, such as nausea & pain reduction.

Can the reflex of the tumour site be worked over?​

Yes. If you are having treatment for cancer then working the tumour area (corresponding reflex not actual site of tumour) and encouraging good blood flow around the body of the tumour site, this could encourage the chemotherapy, or other medication, to get to the tumour site where it is required to act.

Can Reflexology cause the cancer to spread?

There is no evidence of reflexology causing metasases to spread to other areas of the body. Although metastases do spread through the blood and lymphatics circulation and reflexology helps the flow of circulation, many every day tasks such as walking, gentle exercise and hot baths also stimulate circulations.  Therefore, reflexology is no more likely to increase the spread of the cancer than walking.

Can Reflexology be given during chemotherapy?

Yes. Reflexology can be given, before, during and after chemotherapy. Some people feel that Reflexology may eliminate the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs, this is a myth. Chemotherapy has specific elimination times and this can not be altered by Reflexology, infact it may even help the body cells to recover, thus limiting damage to other cells.

Can Reflexology be given during a course of radiotherapy treatment?

Yes, Reflexology can be given before and after (but not during) radiotherapy treatments.  However, if a radioactive implant has been left in the body, then reflexology can not be given.

How much is Palliative Reflexology and how many sessions will I need?

Initial session including consultation is £45.00 and you will need to allow 1.5hrs for this first session.  Follow ups are £30.00 per session.  It  is difficult to say how many sessions you will need until your consultation. However, from previous clients experience, they have found most benefit having  a minimum of 3 consecutive  sessions followed by ad hoc sessions (within 6 weeks) after this.  Listen to your feet, they will tell you when you need to come back :-).

Follow up sessions: £30.00 (45 mins -1hr)

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