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Mizan Therapy

A traditional form of abdominal,  lymphatic and sacral massage for reproductive health and healing. A specialised therapy combining specific massage techniques, energy healing and herbal supplementation for optimal reproductive and general wellbeing.  No womb? no problem, Mizan Therapy can still benefit you by breaking down scar tissue post surgery and keeping the connection open with your womb space. Also beneficial for mens reproductive health.

Mizan can help increase circulation to the uterus, ovaries and Fallopian tube. The gentle abdominal massage can be used to align tilted uterus's, helps to rid the body of toxic buildup through lymphatic drainage techniques which improves  the body's immune responses and helps the digestive system work more efficiently.

Mizan can help men with prostrate issues due to congestion.  It is also very beneficial to aid sperm quality and quantity especially where couples are having fertility issues.  Mizan massage aids circulation in the gastrointestinal tract so if you have digestive issues or chronic constipation this would be very beneficial for you.

Please note you will be required to remove clothing down to your underwear for this massage but your dignity will be maintained at all times with the use of a sheet and towels exposing only the parts of your body I am working on at any one time. You will have both your front and back treated from T12 (bra line for women) to the sacrum area. For this reason, I do not work on men for Mizan as it is quite an intimate massage, but we have male practitioners you can be referred to please visit: A Practitioner.


Simply put Mizan Therapy is a(MIZAN)g! and the proof will be in the results you get so long as you are committed and do your aftercare.  On your first booking via email I will send you an intake medical form to fill in and return before your appointment.  This will allow me to look at a care plan for you and to order the botanics right for you so you are ready for your healing journey to reconnecting with your wonderful womb space.  The botanics are all natural & mostly organic and hence the cost of the treatments.  Some Practitioners will charge for the treatment only, they will recommend what tinctures/steaming herbs/teas would benefit you alongside your therapy but leave this as your responsibility to order at extra cost to you. I don't believe in making you work  harder than you do already, I believe in teaching my queens how to work smarter, hence I will purchase all  your initial botanics  on your behalf included in the price.  So you leave me equipped with everything you need to start this A(Mizan)ing journey to reconnecting with your womb space.

At your first session along with your organic first tincture you will also get your free organic castor oil pack to get you started which will contain:

1 x 100ml organic castor oil

1 x small organic cotton flannel

1 x Mizan bookmark

I will teach you how to do self massage and how to use the castor oil pack in between sessions which are usually 3-4 weeks apart, unless you are on the fertility protocol. We will discuss possible lifestyle & dietary changes and womb wrapping.  You will be given training materials and videos to prompt you. On your subsequent sessions we will go over any questions, commence the massage and then discuss findings and any changes that need to be made with your botanics or treatment plan.  I will also keep in touch with you in between appointments to ensure you are getting the best experience and getting the most out of each treatment.

I now also combine Mizan with fertility Reflexology as a combo as an intensive fertility protocol. This is 6 sessions in total including the initial 3 hour Mizan consultation. Thereafter, you will attend 5 further sessions within the same 2 week period (starting soon after your period finishes as possible).  Please note Mizan will be warm hands only (working energetically without deep massage techniques) whilst you are ovulating combined with a longer fertility reflexology session instead.

So stop waiting for permission to take time out for you and start on your journey to heal and reconnect with your wonderful womb space, you will be glad you did!

£125 for initial  3hrs appointment to include; Consultation, 1 hr massage, 1 hr Education session and starter organic castor oil pack and  tincture/herbs.  Thereafter each session will be £65.

Mizan Therapy

(follow up session: 1.5 hours)

A traditional form of abdominal massage for reproductive health and healing

Block booking of 3 sessions for £225 (normal price £255)

Fertility protocol block booking of 5 sessions for £325 (normal price £385)

Intensive Mizan and Fertility Reflexology combo block booking of 6 sessions £385 (normal price £500)

The above 6 session offer is 3 sessions each week for two weeks 

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