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Frequently Asked Questions

Holistic Care Questions

Can I have Reflexology or Mizan therapy if I have a terminal or chronic illness?

Absolutely, however, Reflexology & Mizan Therapy are something you receive alongside conventional treatments and not instead of.  For some medical conditions we will ask for a letter from your consultant or doctor stating they have no objections to you having Reflexology/Mizan Therapy.

Many Oncology units in hospitals and hospices have complementary therapists working in them to offer treatments to cancer patients.  

Reflexology can be altered, so if the client is unable to have reflexology on their feet, treatment can be given via the hands, face and ears. 

What should I expect from my first Reflexology session?

If you are experiencing any Covid symptoms please re-arrange your appointment for after your test results have returned. All clients must a bring a disposable mask with you and sanitise on arrival.

Your first session will be 90mins (1.5hrs) as we need to conduct your consultation and fill out the medical forms. I use a lateral flow testing kit every 3 days and all blankets and towels are washed at 90 degrees between clients. The chair and therapy bed are sanitised before and after each client.

After the consultation and if you are happy to continue, I will ask you to remove your shoes and socks and make you comfortable on the lefuma chair which reclines back so you can have a lovely relaxed session or on the therapy bed, whichever is appropriate for you.  I will only ask you to roll up your trousers upto your knees if we are working on lymphatic drainage treatment.

Your treatment will start with warm towels applied to your feet to aid circulation and let your feet know they have arrived! as it feels wonderful!!

I use organic bees waxes which not only reduce friction whilst I work on you but will moisturise and care for your skin. Each bees wax is blended with a variety of different oils to aid certain conditions.  We can discuss this further at your first session. I also have vegan friendly oils if you do not wish to use a bees wax product.

Your first treatment will last 60mins (1 Hr) as it will be a full investigatory session. You will be given an Aftercare sheet with advice on what to do before the next session. 


Before your next session I will write up a personalised treatment plan for you which will be the blueprint for your future sessions which will last between 45-60mins. The treatment plan will not be set in stone, as you present each session, I will make tweaks to it to ensure you are getting the optimal level of attention and care.

The only thing I ask of my clients is that I am given at least 48hrs notice of cancellations.  There is no cancellation charge currently, as life happens and no one should be penalised for that, but please be respectful of the fact that this is my bread and butter and by cancelling last minute or not turning up at all means I have wasted slots.

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

If you are coming for a Fertility treatment, please be aware if you have unexplained infertility it is preferable for both you and your partner to attend and have treatment.  This can either be together or at separate appointments. 

Please ensure that you have a record of the following information before you attend for your first session & consultation: 

  • Date of your last period

  • Ovulation date : Ensure you have downloaded an ovulation calculator - this will take all the work out for you by estimating when your next ovulation and period is due.  This will help optimise your treatments and tailor them around your ovulation.  You can download these free, i.e: My daysx.

  • Book a day for your treatment where you will not be rushing around, you will need to few hours of calmness post treatment to allow your body to detox.

  • Do not eat a heavy meal or drink caffeinated beverages at least 2 hours before and after a treatment, we want to give your body every chance to concentrate on allowing the qi/energy to flow to where it needs to work rather than fighting to get through the burger and chips you had an hour earlier. 

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