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Fertility Reflexology

Trained by David Wayte, founder of Jubilee college and a lead in the area of fertility, David also featured in the BBC TV series 'Make Me A Baby'.  So you know you are in safe hands as we work together to help you achieve your dreams. 
Reflexology can help support both partners whilst trying to conceive as it boosts natural fertility in males and females and reduces stress levels which is evidenced to being a barrier to conceiving.
Reflexology has been known to help regulate periods and optimise ovulation and can help prepare the body for a less painful and shorter labour.
In cases of unexplained infertility it is important for both partners to attend. You will need to allow 1.5 hours each for your first treatments.

Full session: £30.00 (45 mins -1hr)

If you opt for the daily sessions for 2 weeks (pre-ovulation/fertilisation) Every 5th consecutive session will be FREE

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