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Finding Peace

Tahira J Razaq- 21/02/2023

We ask for Contentment and peace, or atleast I do, it’s part of my daily affirmation. I read a passage I was directed to yesterday, to be what I was asking for because my waiting for it to come was causing the resistance. My noticing the lack of it was causing a wall of resistance which was too high for it to climb over.

But in order for us to attain that which we desire, can it be just given to us, without us working for it? If I wish for contentment I must first behave in a way that oozes contentment that feels like contentment.  I must focus on things that fill my heart and soul with contentment like my mothers cooking. Wholesome, beautiful, homely and full of love. As I think of her curries all I feel is contentment, and so I try and keep that feeling with me for as long as I can so real, everlasting contentment that I seek comes looking for me rather than the other way round you see.

So for peace I must first become peace itself.

I must shed the chaos of daily life, the noises, the anxieties and even the memories that haunt, to get to my core.  My core, where she sits silently waiting for me to sit with her and say nothing, do nothing, just breathe and be. For a body, a mind, that always needs to be doing to show appreciation of every hour of every day, this sometimes is a difficult place to anchor myself into. But I, we, must stop, slow the chaos and listen..

That’s what the real Self love is, holding space for our self not instead of everyone else but because of..

Going to the salon, getting a massage, buying yourself those shoes you’ve had your eyes on for a while, even going on a trip, they are all good ways to give something back to yourself but are often temporary gratifications, treats for your lower self.

Our higher self deserves more than a few morsels of treats thrown at her, especially when she has no desire for them in the first instance. She needs to just be held and listened to, by you , by me..

When we eat, the TV is loud and proud in the background.

When we walk to the shops we put our earbuds in and listen to podcasts and music to pass the time.

As we wait at a restaurant or a park for a friend to arrive, instead of seeing the beauty that surrounds us or appreciating the smells and aromas around us

We busy ourselves on our laptops or phones.

All the time drowning out the silence, drowning out her calls

Drowning out our ability to hear our souls aches and complaints but also the joys and gratifications that just need to be heard and realised or released, or both.

I know we can do it, we must prioritise it if we truly desire our wants and needs and a better more wholesome life, because it starts and ends with us. So knowing ourselves is a must to trust our own inner guidance. We can't know her if we never sit and listen and allow her to speak..let her speak and allow yourself to listen with no judgement for once, she just needs to be heard..

Let’s vow to meet our higher selves every day

Let’s hold that space in quiet contemplation even if it is 10 minutes in the bathroom.

Take those 10 minutes daily to check in with her, hold that space, let her speak

Listen, breath, listen , breath…breath

Stay blessed, stay focussed, always with love


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