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Orchard Wisdom

I spoke to her this morning

Sitting proudly on my kitchen window sill

Displaying all her beautiful, delicate purple shades against the hardiness of the pillars

Like joyful faces greeting me

Some of them are darker and remain asleep, preparing to make their appearance in time for when they will be needed

Ensuring continuity of its beauty and life season

I wondered if she needed water, but for fear of giving her too much

decided to ask her to let me know when she needed anything from me

I begged my niece who gifted her to me 2 years ago to keep her as I was neglectful and unwise to the needs of plants and was not suited to the task at hand, but she insisted

In the 2 years since,

I watched helplessly as she herself lost her petals and had her very roots shook to the core that may have unstabilised someone so young and less able.

Instead of bowing to defeat, like the orchard she decided it was time to look inwards for all she needed now

for no one on the outside, no matter how well intentioned

was going to be able to help her bloom again

The 0rchard she gave me is a testament to her, tough but gentle with perfect intricacies of the soft delicate petals

Roots, rugged but sturdy and secure

My wise orchard is like my niece, as I have given the plant so little care and attention

but she continues to find the strength within herself to keep rising again and again

Renewing her pledge, refusing to die

Each season stronger than the season before

Each season more beautiful than the season before

So keep going, keep shinning, keep blooming

And know that all we need is within us

Stay blessed, with love


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